I’m originally from Northern Virginia, but I've spent a number of years living and traveling around the world. When I was 14, my mom and I moved to Southern Virginia and when I was 16 I went to boarding school in Vermont. Since then I've lived in Florida, Maryland, Georgia, and Northern and Southern California.

I am a software engineer at Google, where I have worked for the last 9 years. Previously I had been a technology consultant, webmaster, mortgage broker, worked on farms, and ran heavy equipment. I've always had a passion for learning, but I never went to college. I preferred learning from the real world.

While I haven't visited a lot of countries, I have visited several. India four times, France eight times, Switzerland six times, and Australia and the UK once. I’ve also driven across the country four times and visited Hawaii twice.

For a few years I stopped photographing my adventures, but my first trip to India gave me back my passion for capturing the world around me. I'm slowly populating galleries on my photography pages.